Romanian Writers presents the book Cartea soaptelor / The Book of Whispers. Varujan Vosganian’s “old Armenians from childhood” have no delectable tales. Romanian Writers presents the book Cartea soaptelor / The Book of Whispers. The Book of Whispers begins in a picturesque register, on a lane of the Armenian . cartea soaptelor varujan vosganian pdf – finally, cartea soaptelor varujan vosganian pdf in electronic format take uphardly any space. if you travel a lot, you can.

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And in the telling of this new book, there appears once more the storyteller who tells the tale. In my tale, the storyteller tells of The Soaptepor of Whispers. The old woman rode on the varujzn, which helped her to endure the journey, in contrast to many others, who died of exhaustion or collapsed dying and tumbled down the rocks.

Sometimes only vwrujan plunder and take the young women, or, as more often happened, to slaughter them to the last man. His mother, Hermine, was a fiery woman. They rarely attacked at random. They still had enough life in them for the snowflakes to melt in their cupped palms, so that they could lick the drops from between their fingers. Login Cont nou Newsletter. When the water had almost run out, they wiped their lips with the rags they hung out at night to be moistened by the hoarfrost.

It was a clean, mountain path, and clean it remained even after the convoy passed, for those who fell, at the end of their strength, were thrust with blows of the walking stick into the ravine. Then, when they saw that the snowfall was thickening, they waited for it to settle and licked it from the ground, together with the dogs and mules. It was at the end of this road that Sahag Sheitanian met Yusuf. To which can be added those who nonetheless did arrive, not on their own legs, but rather borne by the waters of the Tigris and the Euphrates.

And the things that might be coveted, flour, sugar or dried meat, had long since run out. Abonare la comentarii cu. Toward noon, the camp grew quiet.



Sahag drank his fill more than the others, for he had observed that the snow thickened and persisted above all on the brows of the dead, colder even than the ground. Cititi politica de cartwa a datelor. Ultimele 24 de ore. They crowded together, even if they managed only to see the dying flame from afar.

The people huddled together, from many tents gathering beneath the most capacious. They had some money. Dragging the wounded behind them, it was not until daylight that they reached the plain at Islahiye. Rupen, the father, kept it hidden under his shirt.

A miraculous and at the same time terrible thing happened: Death walks among them tenderly and she takes care not to break off the state of dying too quickly. Those wracked within by dysentery lay curled up, awaiting death.

They were forced to abandon him vostanian, prey to the wild animals. When the snows melted, the convoys began to form once more. In The Book of Whispers there are no imaginary varujna, since they have all existed in this world, in their own place and time and with their own name. Va rugam sa cititi modul in care Hotnews. They still had meagre provisions. Abandoned convoys, defenceless, mostly women and children, scattering over the plain, each seeking to vosganlan, without knowing that when you manage to break away from the crowd you become the easiest prey of all for horsemen bent on plunder and slaughter, be they murderers released from the Turkish prisons for that purpose and given weapons, be they Kurds, Chechens or Bedouins.

Varujan Vosganian lanseaza “Cartea soaptelor” / “The Book of Whispers”, la New York

Some of them, the wealthier, had managed to get hold of carts and mules. You could be killed for having money or jewels, or because you had nothing to give them. Among so many real life characters, some names you will find in the history books, others you will find only in The Book of Whispers. Firstly, because they had not had to travel for hundreds of miles on foot.


cartea soaptelor varujan vosganian

Toate drepturile rezervate HN28 Date personale colectate de Hotnews. In this way, however, writing about the one who writes, while he in his turn bends over the manuscript in which there is also a character named the author and writes, it is as if we were gradually going deeper, like those toys made of hollowed wood, the matryoshka dolls that old man Musaian brought back from Siberia, losing count of the years and forgetting that in the meanwhile his son, Arachel, was already old enough to be drafted into the catrea.

The dogs kept apart. Because of the exhaustion, the cold, the hunger, the robberies and the massacres, of the almost one and a half million people deported half a million died before reaching the edge of the first circle.

The best thing was to curl up into a ball or to stretch out and pretend to be dead. The people crawled under the tents, keeping watch over those who were nearing death. The food was almost gone. The plateau was sosptelor, with mountains behind, precipices on either side, and the horsemen before. They ate in haste and watchfully, under the shadow of their tents, so cartex they would not be seen by the others around them.

Citeste doar ceea ccartea merita. The soldiers kept their distance, for the oppressive smells of death were not sweet, but sharp, presaging the spread of dysentery.

The living and the dead belong to the Heavens and the Earth. The state of dying is an initiation into Death.

Behind them they left a plain dotted with corpses, from which those still alive were slowly climbing to their feet, dazed. They rushed outside the tents with outstretched palms.

And so as not to leave the dead vosganiam alone, they laid them one next to the other.