Isaac Bashevis Singer emigrated to the United States in , which was the year of his first novel Satan in Goray. Since then, he has written more or less. Satan in Goray as Parable. FROM ITS PUBLICATION IN to the present, critics agree Satan in. Goray is a fictional narration of the Sabbatean heresy of. Satan in Goray and the Grip of Ideas it is the way of the world that in time everything reverts to what it has been. – Isaac Bashevis Singer. Modernist literature.

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The town has practically disappeared from the face of the Earth when seventeen years later those of its Jewish inhabitants who survived the slaughtering and fled to other parts of the country begin to return to what remains of their old homes. Satan in Goray is a mysterious story that jn place in a remote village of Eastern Europe in the s.

I thought this story was really interesting and it taught me about Sabbatai Zevi who I didn’t know about before. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Powerful language, dark, dreadful images full of demons and damnation only possible from a master like Singer show the strength of the ancient dream of Israel. Oct 06, John Jackson rated it really liked it.

Dec 15, Sarah rated it liked it. It is rich in impressive images, local colour and references to religious traditions that can occasionally be a bit confusing for a non-Jewish reader like me.

They may die away in time or they may thrive and create great civilizations.

This page was last edited on 29 Marchat Please help me spread information on good literature. The messianic fanatics are vanquished, as is Rechele’s dybbuk, but despite its moralistic conclusion, this is no victory, and there is no hope left at all.


Written as a novel, with lively, colorful characters, Singer describes perfectly the course of such a millenial movement in Goray, an isolated Polish village. Rabbi Benish knows that nothing of it is true, but he is old and too weak to bring his people back to their senses. Satan in Goray is a novel by Isaac Bashevis Singer — Singer’s subject is the time of Shabbtai Zvi, the great false messiah, and the enthusiasm for him that swept European Jewry circa after the Chmelnicki massacres, as reflected in the experiences of one little town called Goray, in southeaste This is a book to read for its colorful depiction of attitudes and beliefs and mythology among Eastern European Jewry, and its exploration of a town gone mad with religious enthusiasm for a lie.

Satan in Goray by Isaac Bashevis Singer

Apr 03, 77ships rated it liked it. I even had nightmares after reading it before bed, so maybe Satan in Goray is a mysterious story that takes place in a remote village of Eastern Europe in the s.

Reading Abdelrahman Munif’s “Cities of Salt”, in conjunction with Singer’s book would not be a bad idea. One thing that made this novel so striking – to me at least – was the abrupt change in tone for the last two chapters. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Western civilization, Literature as Anthropology When times are desperate as they have been in many eras and many places, people tend to resort to desperate measures. In the s the famous “false Messiah” arose in Turkey, claiming to be ready to lead the Jews to Judgement Day and a new era.

Satan in Goray

Very dark but so compelling. It illustrates the world on which such dreams impacted.

As messianic zeal sweeps through medieval Poland, the Jews of Goray divide between those who, like the Rabbi, insist that no one can “force the end” and those who follow the messianic pretender Sabbatai Zevi.


Jul 09, Elise rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jan 24, Claire rated it really liked it. Don’t waste your time here!

The tragedy is, of course, that in modern times the dream was realized at somebody else’s expense. Primo incontro con Isaac. Lovely historical novel about how the Jewish community in a small village in the outskirts of Poland fell prey to religious madness and the Sabbatai Zvi-sect during the aftermath of the Chmelnicki massacres.

Satan in Goray | work by Singer |

The citizens of Goray are confronted with anti-semitic dangers, religious fervor and false messianism in tale that sharply analyses the processes of mass hysteria and apocalyptic thinking. In the wake of a pogrom, a 17th Gpray Jewish village in eastern Poland is further unsettled by a frantic enthusiasm for the Messiah from the east, Sabbatai Zevi.

Singer’s bottom line message is that humans get into big trouble when they try to manipulate God. Amidst strange marriages, the breaking of all the strict laws sattan kashrut, and the wild visions of prophecy, Goray’s hopes soar and crash.

Dec 13, Bill Kerwin rated it it was voray Shelves: It gives the reader a good view of the lives of the European Jews in the early 17th century. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.