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NAVAIR T AIRCRAFT REFUELING NATOPS MANUAL. THIS PUBLICATION SUPERSEDES NAVAIR T 15 JUNE [Loose Leaf Edition. 25 Nov NAVAIR T AIRCRAFT REFUELING NATOPS MANUAL THIS PUBLICATION SUPERSEDES NAVAIR T DATED 30 MAY. NAVAIR 00‐80T‐ Routine Correlation Samples Compare test results obtained by the activity’s in‐house laboratory with those obtained by a regional.

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Report all leaks in any portion of the fuel handling facilities to the FMO. Turbine meters may be used for larger nqvair steadystate transfers such as loading ships, navvair, or pipeline transfers.

Never dispose of waste fuel in storm water or sanitary sewage systems. General specifications for overhaul. D Shore Activities may use the gravimetric procedure specified in ASTM D as an alternate method of measuring particulate contamination. Ships submitting special samples shall notify via message traffic TYCOMs and the laboratory to which the sample is being sent.

Any local operating instructions for specific systems or pieces of equipment shall also contain appropriate quality surveillance procedures. Shore-based hoses shall contain no electrical bond or bonding wire through the center of the hose, or in the carcass. Aircraft custodians are responsible for training nozzle operators, aircraft directors, and fire watches for aircraft refuelings and defuelings.

Bulk Transfer Line Receipt of Product.

Fuel operators shall discontinue any fuel operation that does not appear to be progressing in a normal fashion that is, appears to be taking much longer than would normally be expected, or pressures are too high, too low, etc. During Note D A minimum of two samples are required when running both a particulate and free water test one for each test. D The engine with the propeller or intake nearest the aircraft fueling receptacle shall be secured.

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Immediately take a second sample and test for: The helicopter will then be repositioned over the deck and the HIFR rig will be disconnected and lowered.

Common name applied to the jet test QD quick disconnect couplings used in refueling nozzles and other places to take fuel samples. Commander Naval Air Force U. Requires N-Dodecane for calibration. All flight deck safety nets if applicable and other obstructions shall be lowered. Observe and report any unusual operating condition, for example, if the refueling nozzle screen requires an unusual amount of cleaning.


Avoid skin contact with liquid fuels and tank water bottoms that can contain a high concentration of FSII. Advanced base functional components fueling systems. Laboratories with a broader mission and more extensive testing capability navakr be configured to handle the quantities and types of materials that can be expected to be encountered in such an operation.

The helicopter will then move clear of the deck to port, and descend slightly. The results of all other tests shall be evaluated by comparison with the limits described in Appendix B, which contain the Deterioration Use Limits for Aviation Fuels. Report and investigate any suspected contamination or irregularity detected.


00 80t free download, or read 00 80t online

If a plane-to-plane transfer cart is unavailable, NATO F fuel shall be treated as hazardous waste and handled accordingly. Extract two 1-quart samples, one immediately after the other, from the refueling nozzle of the system while it is being recirculated or flushed. The pilot, maintenance officer, or other person in charge, when notified that doubtful or contaminated fuel has been delivered to an aircraft, will take action to determine whether the aircraft should be defueled and cleaned.

Fuel organization with functional assignments and duties in detail. From the nozzle attached to the receiving aircraft after flow is established 2. Fuel aircraft as directed by flight plan. Take and process each duplicate set of samples as follows: All fuel movement shall be secured during emergencies such as fire or flooding. Note Recirculate the refueling station and take samples with the SPR nozzle in place, then replace the SPR with overwing nozzle immediately before commencing refueling operations.

Do not attempt to touch the hoist with the grounding wand until it has been completely lowered and is sitting on the deck. This section provides general information on petroleum sampling techniques and practices.